When you were filling out the questionnaires during the conference, we said we would deliver results of this survey to you. We apologize for our delay in delivering these results; nevertheless we would be pleased if you could spare few minutes to read the following lines. We would also like to thank you for attending the conference and giving us your feedback through the questionnaires.

The aim of the survey was to identify the interest of the conference participants to establish a network of users and fans of the Ruby and Ruby on Rails technology. We are aware of the fact that the current community has already been formed around various blogs and websites dedicated to Ruby. However, we think that certain unification of these activities, carried out mainly by individuals or small groups, under one bigger „brand" would be beneficiary for all. Some of the potential aims of the future network can be enhancing visibility of the technology on the market or promotion of its use and study at universities. For these aims, one strong brand, representing majority of the community is a good tool. This clearly established entity is also more attractive for potential sponsors and media.

The survey shows that a circa 95% of respondents are interested in joining such network. Therefore we assume this result encouraging us to sustain our support of this activity (see Graph 1). However, the form of the potential network's activities remains a question; as 56% respondents prefer virtual or web-based network and 44% prefer physical meetings or seminars (see Graph 2). We can analyze this quite indecisive result to support our aim of having physical meetings, which have already spontaneously started in the Prague community.

As for the potential activities of the network, most of respondents (82%) support exchange of working experience and information concerning the technology. 50% of respondents would also support educational activities. Other results can be seen in Graph 4.

Potential benefits from the membership in the network are seen by the respondents in concordance with proposed activities. 75% of respondents expect the benefit in networking with other professionals, 66% in exchange of experience, and 50% also see the benefit in potential education possibilities and business opportunities. Other results can be seen in Graph 3.

The aim of this short analysis is to foster discussion about the future of the potential network dedicated to Ruby/Ruby on Rails technology. Ostrava Science and Technology Park in cooperation with Skvely.CZ offer to be the coordinator of this activity, to provide further support in creation of the network, using the methodology transferred to us within the framework of TINIS project, and further support with the management of the network. However, in the framework of the TINIS project, we are going to continue development of actions focused on Ostrava region, where we also gained wider support from the Department of Computer Science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. As we stated above, we think that it would not be sensible to aim at nothing less than creating a national (or Central Europe) network focused on Ruby/Ruby on Rails. We would like to ask you for contributions to the discussion about the possible future cooperation as well as your views or proposals concerning this topic.

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